Smoky Mountain Weddin'

Good people, delicious moonshine and adventure as far as the eye could see. In Sevierville, Tennessee, Holly  and Tim shouted their love from the top of a mountain. We celebrated their vows to one another on a glorious April day and into the wee hours of a starry night.

Whether it was being in the presence of true love, the close proximity to the stars, the peaceful nature surroundings or perhaps a combination, the weekend carried a blissful tone written on every single face and soul in attendance. Those who were there in spirit were honored with a precious ivory balloon release (biodegradable, of course), immediately following the ceremony. Two distinguishable blue balloons were released as tribute the groom's father and the bride's sister.

Holly and Tim, you guys are the salt of the earth.

Kaiti & Taylor, A Snowy Engagement

We waited for the snow. It came... and it was good.

We quoted obscure movies. We giggled. We shared adventure. Kaiti and Taylor's willingness to frolic in this extreme weather made my creative heart sing. If I was worried they were getting too cold and wet, they'd refuse when I gave them option to quit. They wanted to climb higher, explore deeper. I know that their love and marriage will flourish in the same way, and I am so honored to capture these first few chapters for them.